Moving to a New Area

Thinking of moving house or office to or within the Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield areas

You may think getting a quote from a reputable removals company like Bells of Erdington is one of the last things on your to do list when planning a move to a new area, but leaving things to the last minute is never a good idea. It’s always a good idea to sort out things like removals quotes well in advance to ensure your overall costings for your move are accurate and to ensure any major or minor unknowns are kept to a minimum or ideally avoided completely.

The key to any problem free move is good planning and preparation and moving to a new area is no different. Whether you are relocating to a new home or business premises, it’s a huge step and family members or key members of staff may be relying on your good decision making.

Research the area to get a better feel for the place

If your move isn’t far from where you already live or work, the chances are you are pretty familiar with the area, but if you are moving regions for example, its really important to do your research as every relocation can hide potential pitfalls and it is always possible to miss things that are important to you and your family.

Physically spending time in the area you are planning to relocate to is a great idea, during the daytime and especially at night. It may seem quiet through the day but what it is like at night? A quiet street during the day may turn into something quite different if there are popular pubs or clubs just around the corner.

If you have children then a nearby local school may be a priority, but schools may be a source of noise at playtimes and increased traffic at the start and end of school days. Also litter may be an issue, so just driving around the area the day after the local refuse collection has occurred may give the impression it’s a really clean and tidy area. So visit on different days throughout a month to give you a typical and complete picture

What is the area in general like for job opportunities, house prices and even lifestyle.. Is the area up and coming with lots of new or expanding local companies, ensure you leave room for career flexibility. Has the area a thriving local community, does it reflect your lifestyle, interests and age profiles you want to be around.

So, exploring the local shops, schools, leisure opportunities, pubs and clubs are all good indicators of the type of area you are considering. Read the local newspapers, they will be a great source of what’s going on in the area.

Feeling safe in the area is a must so checking crime rates and maybe getting a quote for your car and house insurance using an address in the area maybe a good indicator of how safe the area is. If the quoted premiums suddenly shoot up compared with your current premiums, then maybe that is telling you something.

Local cost of living appraisal

Whilst house prices are a good indicator of how cheap or expensive an area may be to live in, perhaps checking out the local restaurant prices or what range of supermarkets are in the area will also be a good indicator of the potential cost of living for the locality.

Get a quote from a removals company based in the area you are moving to

Its always good to talk directly to people who are familiar with the area and they may be able to give you an insight into certain things you may have missed. You never know they may even offer a less expensive or better service than your local removals company.

Commuting to and from your workplace

How long will it take to get to work and back? This is another good reason to visit the area on numerous occasions at different times of the day, especially at peak traffic times. Does it have a good transport infrastructure, including roads, buses and trains.

Looking at the new area from a longer term perspective

Moving house is something we generally don’t do too often. So if your move is potentially for 10-20 years then ensuring the new area fits with your life changes over the coming years is important. You don’t want to outgrow the area and be forced into a move in the future you don’t really want, move somewhere you can grow into.

What plans if any does the new area have in terms of new transport connections, housing developments etc which may affect house prices either way in the future and on the downside may cause future disruptions.

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